Callinectes 16 Runabout

Cruising inland waterways, playing on the lake, and shuttling guests from yacht to shore, the Callinectes 16 is a delight for the captain as well as onlookers.

Incorporating flowing curves, rich varnished wood, and chromed deck jewels, this runabout resembles the classic Chris-Craft and Riva of yesteryear. Callinectes Boatworks adds modern components to maximize enjoyment and time on the water. The fiberglass hull is fitted with a laid mahogany deck, interior, and veneered transom, surrounding the captain and passengers with vibrant varnished wood — without the time-consuming maintenance of traditional wood hulls. Powered by a high-output low displacement turbo-charged engine coupled to a jet drive, the Callinectes 16 Runabout offers a powerful and elegant ride that combines extra safety features with high fuel efficiency and low emissions.

A charming experience on the water: The Callinectes 16 Runabout.

Design Description

Above water, she’s a classic; below the waterline, she’s clever.

Designed as a runabout for protected waters and as a yacht tender, the 16 has a modern running surface incorporating a full length chine for a dry, stable, and efficient ride. The nearly flat aft running surface common on runabout that cause pounding and rider discomfort is replaced with a 10° transom deadrise to soften the ride and improve straight line tracking.

Weighing in under 1100 pounds, the Callinectes 16 is easy to transport and store on a davit or lift.

Model Comparison